Gaited Gala Horse Show, Athens, TX

2012 Gaited Gala Show Updates and News

January 2, 2013 Happy New Year!!!!

We are working towards accepting credit cards through Pay Pal at the show. We WILL be accepting Pay Pal payments with the online entry form.


Youth 11 and under MUST wear a helmet when riding on show grounds.

In Hand Obstacle Class: 2 and under horse not ridden in show

Exhibitors Reception after class

Add/Scratch Classes: Add or scratch a class 1/2 hour PRIOR to the session the class is in.

Gate Holds: If you ask for a Gate Hold – you will have 5 minutes. If it is not asked for it will be 2 minutes.

OGB – Open Gaited Breed: All breeds are eligible.
Open means any age or horse, rider and amateur or trainer.
Amateur means any person that is not a trainer (youth included).

Returned Checks: $25 will be added to any returned check.


As part of its ongoing commitment to enforcing the Horse Protection Act, the USDA has issued new inspection requirements for the 2009 show season. These new guidelines are effective immediately as part of the inspection process of HPR Sec 11.1.

According to the USDA, all horses must be inspected without tack during both pre- and post- show inspections. No saddles or breast collars will be allowed during inspections. Horses must be led to the inspection area wearing only a halter or bridle. In addition, a horse’s shoes may be pulled and hoof testers may be used. If a follow-up testing is needed, thermography will be utilized.

In addition to pre- and post-class inspection, a DQP has the right to inspect horses anywhere on the show grounds.

While these measures will add to the time required to navigate the DQP inspection process and will clearly require additional logistical support from show managers and patience from exhibitors, NWHA supports the USDA's position. "As an organization that promotes the well being and soundness of the horse, NWHA offers its support of this initiative and will continue to work diligently to ensure that the Walking Horse remains a breed of merit," says Vanessa Crowe, executive director, National Walking Horse Association.



Please contact Paula Sue Swope 903-489-0294




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